Friends of Jefferson Barracks

A variety of venues are available for private events

To reserve space in one of the outdoor shelters you may contact St. Louis County Parks at 314-615-4386.

The Park is open from sunrise until sunset.

Special weekend events occur throughout the year.

Jefferson Barracks was established as a military post in 1826 when it was determined that Fort Belle Fontaine (320 acres) was too constricted from growth due to an increase in settlers nearby. The United States Army was faced with buying out these settlers or finding another location for a new fort, with its intent to make it an "infantry school of practice." The town of Carondelet, located south of St. Louis, anxious to attract business, offered a portion of the town's common fields to the military. It was an area referred to as "vide poche" which means "empty pockets". On October 23, 1826, the war department declared the post to be named "Jefferson Barracks" in honor of President Thomas Jefferson who died six days (July 4, 1826) prior to the founding of the post (July 10, 1826). The location of Jefferson Barracks near St. Louis and on the Mississippi River proved to be an excellent site for a larger military post whcih encompassed 1702 acres.