Friends of Jefferson Barracks

How to Get Started

To become a Trail Watch or Gardening volunteer contact Krista Farrow at 314-615-8865 or visit the St. Louis County Parks website and fill out your application online. You may also contact her by email at

To become a Gift Shop volunteer or learn about being a FJB member, contact John Chapman at 314-615-8880 or via email at

To become a Museum attendant or to learn about volunteering to help with our many Parks programs and special events, contact Tom Hoff at 314-615-8882, or Kelly Plunkett at 314-615-8884. You may also send an email query to either Tom or Kelly at or, respectively. 

Volunteer Opportunities at Jefferson Barracks

Gift Shop Volunteer                  Program Volunteer
Event Volunteer                        Museum Volunteer
Trail Watch Volunteer               Gardening Volunteer

There are many volunteer opportunities available at Jefferson Barracks through the Volunteer Coordinator's office. We offer everything from hands-on work with the gardening crew. The Gardeners do beautiful work in the garden of the Laborer's House, Powder Magazine Museum and at the North Gate. They have a lot of fun working together and are an inspired group with which to work. If you like walking you may be interested in the Parks Trail Watch program. These yellow-vested volunteers walk the many trails of St Louis County Parks and contact the Parks Department if anything appears out of sort. They are the eyes and ears of the Trails in the Park system.
There are many other way to contribute. Each volunteer is an unique addition to our team and brings their own specialized skill set to help grow a wonderfull family of volunteers. Give back to your community by becomeing a volunteer with St Louis County Parks by reaching out to Krista.

And please consider a Membership to the Friends of Jefferson Barracks. Find Membership information here. Membership offers numerous opportunites for volunteering. The Friends of Jefferson Barracks organize programs and events and we are always looking for a new person to join our team. The more volunteers we have the more we can help preserve history and this historic site. You can also take your time to check us out to see if you would like to help with an existing program or you have an idea for something new to bring to the team. We are always looking for help in the gift shop. If you are the organizing type you may be interested in serving as a board member. Contact our President, John Chapman, if you have any questions about volunteering with the Friends of Jefferson Barracks.